"Do Good.

         Make a Difference.

                  Fulfill a Mission."

“Give me a lever long enough and I alone can move the world” - Archimedes

What are your goals for your organization?  Do you have the systems and processes in place to accomplish them most effectively?

At Amazing Traditions, LLC, we specialize in helping for-profits and non-profits achieve greater impact with their precious — and often limited — human and technology resources. We help leaders apply proven business approaches to do good even better. By helping you improve your organization’s processes, we can help you improve your impact.

Moving multiple sources of data to a single platform reduces rework and ease of reporting.  A streamlined system, for example, can help caseworkers spend less time processing paperwork and more time working directly with clients. Or, a more effective pet adoption process may enable more pets to be placed into better homes.

The Amazing Traditions approach draws on a unique combination of Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldrige principles and measures, first to assess current levels of performance and then to suggest cost-effective and sustainable enhancements. Throughout, our entire focus is tailored specifically to the goals your leadership team has for your organization … to helping you reach your amazing potential.

Strategic and tactical planning. Governance, workflow management and the application of technology are the cornerstones for strengthening the foundation of any organization.  Alignment of common goals allows for employees and stakeholders to focus energy and resources to achieve the intended outcomes/ results and adopt a culture that can adjust the direction to a changing environment.

Our experience encompasses a broad range of technology and information management solutions.

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Our diversity as a Women Owned Business is also reflected in the diversity of our teams.  Our commitment to excellence is 

reflected in the value we bring our clients.  Our strategic focus is providing solutions that leverage your existing resources first using a people and process-centric approach to improve performance, boost productivity, create and facilitate innovation to take your business to the next level.