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“Give me a lever long enough and I alone can move the world” - Archimedes

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Operational Effectiveness & Strategy

Strategy vs. Operational Effectiveness

In today’s environment, operating efficiently is not just a good idea,but a necessity

for success and sustainability. Organizations can no longer (if they ever could) afford to waste time and effort on duplicative procedures or manual workarounds. Ultimately, such inefficiencies are both a financial and a mission problem, leading

to unnecessary expenses, as well as staff having less time to address organizational goals.

Strategy is about doing things differently, not simply doing them better than everyone else. It’s the key to to having that competitive advantage.

Investing in Small Changes Can Lead to Big Efficiencies

Many organizations recognize that they need to achieve operational efficiency to ensure their success in a rapidly changing environment. But they face some critical challenges, including:

    • Minimizing risk from both internal and external supply networks
    • Preventing patient risk and ensuring regulatory compliance
       through improved process and quality controls, and enhanced
       quality management systems

    • Managing the complexity that comes with growth, new markets   
       and new products

    • Lowering costs while reducing risk, improving quality, and
       managing complexity

How Amazing Traditions Can Help

Starting with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic capability, we help clients drive tangible
performance improvements that align with each client’s short and long term goals. Working closely with our clients,
we help them meet key objectives:

    • Identify key indicators for inefficiency, risks and opportunities
    • Strategically reduce operational costs
    • Optimize existing resources
    • Improve capital efficiency
    • Increasing performance for greater results