"Do Good.

         Make a Difference.

                  Fulfill a Mission."

“Give me a lever long enough and I alone can move the world” - Archimedes

Here are just a few examples of how Amazing Traditions, LLC is making a difference in many of our client’s day-to-day operations.

The decision to hire a consultant to help us through the RFP process for a new  technology platform was an important one. Selecting Amazing Traditions as our partner in the process was transformational.

   - Human Resource Director, Archdiocese in KC, KS

“Goes above and beyond to achieve results!”
Director, Contract Pricing

“As an organization, we needed data to support our strategic planning that would allow us to prioritize our goals. Amazing Traditions understood our vision and was our advocate to bring this to reality through the work they did in completing the Needs Assessment for the KS Statewide Homeless Coalition. This report has already been a valuable tool when communicating with the offices of our elected representatives and our NOFA application to help articulate the needs of the communities we serve. This report will also serve to help educate, teach and support self-advocacy for our communities all across Kansas. I would not hesitate to recommend Amazing Traditions again for future opportunities that need guidance and advocacy with key data to guide their organization and drive increased performance."

Kate Watson, Executive Director
KS Statewide Homeless Coalition


Amazing Traditions took the time to understand our business,  teach the team how to look for root causes and be adaptable to change and advocate for the change necessary to achieve the desired vision, we were able to change our initial approach and save time and money by not going down the wrong path.

   - CFO, Archdiocese in KC, KS



Community Needs Assessment (Hope Works Initiative)

for The Salvation Army

Throughout the process, Amazing Traditions was easy to work with, consistent communication and thorough in collecting the information we needed.  Their findings have helped us create our strategy for effectiveness, growth and sustainability for the future. ”

   - Divisional Commander and Metro Kansas Mission Strategist,
The Salvation Army, KC, MO

                            BPI (Business Process Intelligence) Strategy Development

                                                             for Teva Pharmaceuticals

Dilemma: Standardized technology from multiple platforms to single core channels by line of business and implemented processes and methodologies using PMBOK practices.

Solution: Standardized technology from multiple platforms to single core channels by line of business and implemented processes and methodologies using PMBOK practices.

Result: Reduced project cycle time from 22 days to 3 days, decreased defect rates by 68% and improved customer experience with a net cost savings of $1.8M.

                                   HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) Solution
                                                        for the Archdiocese in KC, KS

Dilemma: The HR Benefits & Communication system used to administer Health, Dental, Vision, Life and FSA benefits has numerous gaps including lack of self-service, inadequate reporting for multi-employer needs, no file feed to G/L for invoicing and deposits, duplicated and inconsistent employee data between the benefit and payroll systems.

Solution: Standardized the payroll, timekeeping and benefits to one single platform that supports a multi-employer environment, eliminates multiple feeds from 100+ entities for ACA reporting and provides a long term sustainable platform.

Result: Reduced payroll processing time by more than 50%, significant reduction of payroll defects and moved to a single employee record. Providing a means for measuring progress and increasing accountability.

                                               Efficiency and Organizational Development
                                                               for the Mattie Rhodes Center

Dilemma:  A challenge with being able to look across all of our programs for commonalities to aggregate our data and share how our collective outcomes are having an impact in the communities we serve. Second, we needed to better understand the current state of the community and the current social trends as it relates to our organization to help guide us where we can be most impactful.

Solution:   Developed a strategy for collecting key data indicators across all five programs, identifying the goals, impact and program level measurements.  Furthermore, providing current social data trending for the client community being served to help Mattie Rhodes continue to ensure their services align with their client's needs.

Result:  The ability to more closely align the program services with current social needs in the community and effectively manage data across multiple platforms to be able to share with the donor community to prove their impact.

                                                               Community Needs Assessment
                                                          for KS Statewide Homeless Coalition

Dilemma:  A need for accurate representation needs of the communities in within the 101 counties being served to support strategic planning sessions to help the organization identify goals, essential resources and develop a road map to increase their impact.

Solution: Provided an in-depth assessment of the 101 counties that make up the geographic territory for the KS Statewide Homeless coalition analysis using qualitative and quantitative data to gather accurate information representative of the needs of the communities being served. 

Result: The study provided necessary data across all the rural communities in Kansas to demonstrate the needs of individuals and families to help educate the donor community, elected representatives and general community.  The ability to develop a road map to effectively plan ways to increase the impact for the communities with the greatest needs with a tool that can help engage the public to become involved and contribute to successful outcomes.

“Our goals while working with Amazing Traditions were two-fold. We now have the data to help us drive our programming and the clarity to develop long-term sustainable solutions allowing us to be pro-active instead of re-active. Kerri went above and beyond our expectations, more than what was expected. We appreciate her advocacy and how she embraced our vision to help guide us where we need to be as an organization."

Mattie Rhodes Center
David Stadler, Vice President
John Fierro, Chief Executive Officer

Dilemma:  Conduct a study and assessment that concentrates on youth, children’s shelters, social services offices, recreation and churches. The expectation will allow for the Salvation Army to help determine the best neighborhoods for their centers and help determine where decreased or increased programming may be most effective.


• Assessed the current and anticipated future human services needs which could impact the Army’s operations and its opportunity for improved/expanded services

• Identified unmet/under served community needs
• Identified strengths, weaknesses and opportunities given other available community resources
• Revealed public’s awareness and perception of The Salvation Army’s operations
• Provided information about socioeconomic trends and projections which could impact future operations
• Provided information regarding the plans of key service providers which could lead to an overlap or duplication of services
• Determined if our current location is adequate to meet community needs or if other locations could be more suitable

Result: Provided specific recommendations for The Salvation Army that will result in improved services, program outcomes, funding, facility, staffing, program needs and opportunities. Identified potential partnerships opportunities with other service providers.

                                            Business Strategy and Operational Growth
                                                          for Maxim Small Engine Repair

Dilemma: The greatest challenges was developing a marketing strategy on how to the business and reach the customer segment to develop clarity and focus on how to move forward.

Solution: A plan was developed that was presented with an out of the box approach to coming up with an approach that fit business needs and budget for customer growth and maximizing the margins for the services offered.

Result: Revenues were increased with reduced margins to maximize the existing customer base and expand customer segments with a clear roadmap that allowed for continued growth and profitability.


"I needed a focused plan to increase my customer base in an organized fashion that gave me a clear roadmap that fit the needs of my business. Amazing Traditions took the time to talk with me and get to know what I wanted to accomplish. I was provided with several options that helped me in ways really move forward with clarity and focus. The ROI has definitely proven a worthwhile investment and would highly recommend Amazing Traditions for business owners that need to take their business to the next level."

Owner, Maxwell
Maxim Small Engine Repair



                                          Strategic Planning with Measurable Outcomes for 
                     for the Kansas City Police Department Social Service Program (SSP)

Dilemma:  As Nonprofits, we are constantly running in circles and putting out fires, and we have this approach of “we will get to it when we get to it”. We needed to be able to actually showcase what we are doing within the KCPD SSP program and to have a sustainable plan for the future.

Solution:   The development of a strategic plan with measurable outcomes, providing the confidence to sit down at the table with a variety of Funders and be able to show what we have to offer and what we do best. And, most of all to have a plan for the future.

Result:  A sustainable roadmap that clarified direction, identified a common vision, increases operational efficiency and documented measureable goals and outcomes.

“You identified efficiency to the core and it became very apparent to me, how much more efficient we could be if I was not wearing so many hats. And, even though it took a real commitment on our part, if you stop, work the process, the product that gets delivered will show that it’s worth it and it gives you that confidence to present this to funders.”

“I think that one of the things I like about your process and your approach is you help nonprofits recognize how they can be more efficient with the staff they have, what their measurable goals are and how they can make an impact with their service population. I couldn’t express enough to other nonprofits, you have a knack for respecting the nonprofit world, but holding us to a standard of the business world. And, until we start holding ourselves to the standard of the business world, we will never be able to compete for funding. What you get at the end to be able to provide, reach and maintain your organization’s best is priceless.”

Kansas City Police Department, Social Service Program (SSP)
Gina English, Program Founder & Director