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“Give me a lever long enough and I alone can move the world” - Archimedes

 Assessing Your Organization’s Business IntelligenceOften the difference between a pro-active or reactive organization lies within their ability to make actionable decisions daily, weekly and annually.

Business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools can enable organizations to take their reporting to the next level, beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets.

Excel is the common reporting tool used amongst all members of the finance team who extract (or re-key) figures from accounting systems and various other data sources in order to add further analysis, make adjustments and improve the presentation of reports before distributing the final results to management. While Excel is a much favored and familiar reporting tool it has its drawbacks, from spreadsheet errors, to no visible audit trail.

Benefits of Having a Data Strategy
Organizations of all sizes have embraced the ability to make smarter decisions based on the analysis of clean and timely data. These days, data analytics is commonly used across many organizational silos resulting in:
     1. Cost reduction.  Deploying analytics to enhance operational efficiencies can lead to the discovery and elimination of 
          unnecessary costs. Big data analytics bring significant cost advantages providing the power to enhance operational
          efficiencies can lead to 
the discovery and elimination of unnecessary costs.

     2. Faster, better decision making. Provides the ability to analyze new sources of data, organizations are able to analyze    

          information immediately and making informed decisions. Instead of repeatedly allotting time to troubleshoot operations,              decision makers are now free to spend their time addressing strategic and tactical approaches to business management.

     3. Expanded programs, products and/or services. With the ability to gauge client/customer needs and satisfaction through              analytics comes the power to enhance operational efficiencies can lead to the discovery and elimination of unnecessary


How Amazing Traditions Can Help
We help organizations meet their existing and future reporting requirements by providing a

 range of business intelligence and reporting solutions that enable users to get control of
their data with rapid analysis and drill down, with simple to use query engines, over single, or

multiple systems simultaneously.

We believe a successful BI services strategy is not just about delivering the correct
it is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.
And in today’s 
world of multiple devices, also the right place.