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What stage is your organization in?

 March 9, 2017

Join Connie Hougland and Kerri VanMeveren as we dive in to a key area of long-term sustainability - understanding what stage your ministry is in and how to best be successful within that stage.

Kerri VanMeveren is the CEO and founder of Amazing Traditions, LLC. A sought after organizational expert, Kerri specializes in assisting nonprofit organizations to optimize efficiencies in resources, workflow, and technology. Expect to learn how to:

  • Use a short self-assessment tool to identify your stage or organizational maturity
  • Outline the steps needed to successfully move to the next level
  • Prepare for the transition into the next stage of development

You'll gain understanding to maximize strategic opportunities, strengthen operational performances, and optimize existing resources to build a solid, financial foundation to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Kerri VanMeveren

CEO & Founder, Amazing Traditions

Kerri is the CEO & Founder of Amazing Traditions, LLC.  We help nonprofits optimize their operational processes to free up resources to do even greater good.  Out proven approach breaks down barriers and breathes new life into nonprofits.